Man chokes pregnant woman, forces her to take abortion pill


By Dave Andrusko

Thomas A. Pfeiffer (Photo: Ulster County Sheriff’s Office/Courtesy photo)

Thomas A. Pfeiffer (Photo: Ulster County Sheriff’s Office/Courtesy photo)

It’s a tiny story which, in slightly different forms, appeared in a number of news outlets. But while brief, in 150 words or so, it paints a horrific portrait of a deeply disturbed man.

Thomas A. Pfeiffer, 44, a licensed anesthesiologist from Red Hook, New York, is in jail, police say, after choking a woman and forcing her to take an abortion pill. (Fortunately, the unidentified woman was not killed.) The drug was not named but is likely Cytotec, which can induce contractions.

Jolene Almendarez, of The Post-Standard/, says that on Wednesday the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office went to a home after getting a “no voice” call to 911. They found Pfeiffer in a “violent dispute” with an unidentified woman and subsequently learned that he had strangled her and forced her to take an unidentified chemical abortion pill.

The woman was taken to Health Alliance Hospital and treated for neck injuries, Almendarez reported. There has been no update on the status of her baby.

As of yesterday, Pfeiffer had remanded to the Ulster County Jail in lieu of posting $50,000 cash bail or $100,000 secured bond.

“Pfeiffer is charged with felonies for second-degree strangulation and second-degree abortion,” according to Almendarez. “He’s also charged with misdemeanors for third-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal mischief.”

Accounts of the use of chemical abortifacients continue to increase. The most prominent case is Andrew Welden. Earlier this year he was sentenced to 13 years and eight months on charges of product tampering [Welden put the fraudulent label on the empty pill bottle and put the altered Cytotec pills inside] and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

Alas, you encounter story after story about boyfriends behaving horrifically towards their pregnant girlfriends, up to and including murdering them. NRL News Today has run more than a few stories about jerks who have connived their girlfriends into taking abortion-inducing drugs.

Tragically, the availability of drugs that act as abortifacients makes this probably a fairly routine occurrence about which we only occasionally hear. Pfeiffer’s alleged behavior is markedly more violent toward the mother.