Carrie Underwood, Savannah Guthrie and the impact of the story of the miracle of prenatal life lovingly told


By Dave Andrusko

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

NRL News Today is running the sweet post by Katie Yoder, talking about superstar Carrie Underwood’s appearance this week on the Jimmy Fallon show in which she talked so lovingly about her unborn baby.

They had a great time, Carrie and Jimmy, with this wonderful pair of lines discussing how Carrie sings to her baby:

“If I’m just in my car, driving, I feel like I have to make it good because,” she continued in a hushed voice, “he’s listening. He’s always in there.”

She explained, “I just want to do a good job for him.”

We’re about to talk a bit more about Carrie’s media tour which was to promote her new album “Greatest Hits, Decade #1.” Appearing on the Today Show Tuesday, Carrie was interviewed in the nicest possible way by the irrepressible Kathie Lee Gifford and the bubbly Hoda Kotb.

They talked about her two “special deliveries”—the album and her first baby, a boy, due in the spring. They asked her if she liked being pregnant and Carrie joked about forgetting momentarily she was pregnant, and then “I’ll just walk by a mirror…then I’ll see myself and just start laughing.” She added, “Definitely my body’s not mine right now!”

Gifford and Kotb inquired about she and her husband’s plans and Carried talked about mundane but important preparations. She then knowingly added, “I don’t think there’s any way for us to actually fathom how much our lives are about to change.”


The story Katie Yoder linked to Entertainment News’ “Celeb Families Pregnancies” category where the Today interview was shown. You might ask why bother to talk about the lives of the rich and famous?

For the same reason NRL News Today wrote several times about Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie’s pregnancy and delivery. These women (and their spouses) have an almost unparalleled platform from which to demonstrate the case for life, rather than argue the case for life. Indeed, they could even be “pro-choice” yet (in their unintentional way) also sing a life-affirming song.

We ran four posts on Guthrie’s pregnancy and the birth of Vale Guthrie Feldman, in the context of some remarkable episodes that wonderfully illuminated the world of “Hotel Uterus,” as Guthrie whimsically put it and the incredible development of the “guest.” (See;;; and

The audience learned so much about the developmental journey of each baby; about how much the behavior of the baby approximates that of a newborn; and how grateful Guthrie was for her baby.

The day she went on maternity leave her colleagues unveiled a fascinating time-lapse video. In a mere 45 seconds we see the development of Guthrie’s child, from when Vale was a “baby bump” to when the baby had become one large passenger about to officially exit her temporary residence.

Then there was the touching entry Guthrie made on her blog last May:

“The baby is the first thought when I wake up, and the last thought as I sink into slumber at night.

“I whisper little encouragements to the baby: ‘You’re doing a great job growing up!’ or ‘I’m so happy you’re here!”‘

“I pray for the baby. I sing to him/her. I wonder about the baby constantly: ‘’What are you up to? Are you sleeping right now? Are you awake? How do you feel about the Indian food?”

Do take a moment to watch Carrie’s interview with Gifford and Kotb and the time-lapse video and to read some of our prior posts on Guthrie.