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Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee (MRL PAC) Celebrates 2014 Election Victories


Missouri Right to Life PAC, Missouri’s most active and successful social policy political action committee, congratulates the pro-life candidates who fought and won their elections last night.

“MRL PAC endorsed candidates in a total of 125 races statewide,” said Pam Fichter, President of Missouri Right to Life PAC. “Of those races, MRL PAC endorsed the winning candidate in 112 of those contests, making our success rate 90% in all races in which we were involved.”

In the Missouri House of Representative races between a pro-life, MRL PAC endorsed candidate and a candidate with an anti-life or unknown position, the MRL PAC endorsee won in 84% of these battles. In the Missouri Senate, the MRL PAC endorsees won 2 out of 3 contested races.

And, in the congressional races, the MRL PAC winning ratio was 85%. The voters in our great state obviously have made it clear that the best and most important policies a­­re those that reinforce pro-life principles.

“Although there were a few disappointments, MRL PAC is grateful that not one MRL PAC endorsed incumbent lost their seat,” Fichter said. “Several anti-life candidates, including some incumbents, lost to pro-life MRL PAC endorsees.”

Fichter added

In the next session of the Missouri General Assembly, we will have much to accomplish to fortify the pro-life advances of the last several years. In Congress, our pro-life delegation will be challenged more than ever to stand for life in the face of a stridently anti-life President Obama and his agenda.

Missouri has one of the largest pro-life legislative majorities in the nation and MRL PAC is proud to be a part of that. Pro-life voters will look to those who won to fight valiantly for life in Missouri and Washington. Let us pray and work as we encourage the continued successful efforts for life across our state and nation.

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