Abandoned newborn survives days at the bottom of a storm drain in record heat in Australia


By Dave Andrusko

abandonedbabysydney1When a newborn child is abandoned, almost by definition his or her survival is a miracle. But when the child is abandoned in the bottom of a drain in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, and left for several days in near-record hot temperatures, that clearly is a miracle.

Police have arrested a 30-year-old woman, according to a number of news organizations. She was found by police who scoured local hospital records and went door to door.

The BBC reports that the woman is charged with attempted murder of the baby boy “who is in a serious but stable condition” who “may have survived up to five days in the drain.” Fortunately, police reported that there were no external signs of injury.

The drain where the abandoned baby was found.

The drain where the abandoned baby was found.

David Otte and his daughter heard crying as they were cycling Sunday morning. “It was so intense,” Mr. Otte told the Sydney Morning Herald. “You couldn’t not tell it was a baby.”

Along with other passersby, they managed to lift the top of the drain and saw the baby at the bottom of the 8-feet-deep storm drain.

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Inspector David Lagats told The Guardian that “because of the long drop, they feared the worst, thinking the baby might have been badly injured.”

“It’s a disturbing incident, how the child was placed in the drain,” he told reporters on Sunday morning.

“With the help of the bystanders en masse, we managed to lift this quite heavy concrete slab up to get the police down there to the baby. We thought the worst but the baby was still alive.”

The baby was wrapped in his hospital blanket. He had his umbilical cord cut and clamped.

The baby is receiving treatment at Sydney’s Westmead Children’s Hospital.