Legislation to Protect Unborn Babies Who Feel Pain? “Yeah, I would veto it,” says Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate


By Chelsea Shields, Communications Assistant, Wisconsin Right to Life

Mary Burke, who is running for Governor of Wisconsin

Mary Burke, who is running for Governor of Wisconsin

Wisconsin has made huge strides in the protection of unborn babies and mothers in our state. In just 2013 alone, our new lifesaving laws gave mothers more information about their unborn children and helped save 465 babies, who now sleep peacefully in their beds. But we still have far more work to do.

That’s why so many Wisconsinites are concerned by Mary Burke’s recent statement in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel interview about her position on legislation that would protect unborn babies who are capable of feeling pain.

When asked what she would do with legislation that would “ban abortions after 20 weeks” (when unborn babies can feel pain), Burke responded, without a moment of hesitation,

“Yeah, I would veto it.”

Wisconsin women and unborn babies deserve better than a complete dismissal of any protection for pain-capable unborn children.

Wisconsinites should call Mary Burke immediately and urge her to support such important, lifesaving legislation.

Lives depend on it.