Kansas Senate challenger’s position on abortion “unconscionable” says pro-life Senator Pat Roberts


By Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Director, Kansans for Life

Pro-life U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts

Pro-life U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts

In the cola-dominated soft drink market, 7-up enjoyed great success after it labeled itself the “UN-cola” And for the last two months, a multi-millionaire without public service experience, Greg Orman, has gotten some good poll numbers portraying himself as an independent “UN-politician” running against incumbent pro-life Kansas U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts.

Last night’s candidate debate was the third between the senate candidates, with questions from print and television reporters and moderated by Darren Dedo, news Anchor for KSN television in Wichita.

In the candidate debate, Roberts charged that Orman’s attitude about abortion is “unconscionable.”

Here’s how it developed. More than halfway into the debate, the one “life issue” question was posed: Kansas abortion law requires a mandatory ultrasound, should that be a federal law?

Orman didn’t answer, instead responding:

“As a man, I’m not ever going to have to face the hard decisions that women have to face,” adding, “I trust that the women of Kansas are smart and they can make decisions on their own about their own reproductive health.”

The debate moderator interrupted to ask whether Orman was pro-life or pro-choice. “I’m pro-choice,” he said. For good measure, Orman added abortion was “settled law” and that the country needs to move on.

Roberts, who stated flatly, “I’m pro-life,” looked at Orman with incredulity, saying that to admonish us to “get past” the rights of the unborn and those at the end of life is “unconscionable.”

In a follow-up rebuttal, Roberts added, “[abortion] isn’t settled, not by a long shot. That’s why I am proud to receive the endorsement from the National Right to Life, and the Kansans for Life. They support me and I’ll tell you one thing, they don’t think we ought to get past this issue.”

Orman is running neck and neck with Roberts, having briefly assumed a lead which has vanished in the most recent polls. On September 3, the Democratic candidate for Senate dropped out of the race, to Orman’s delight.

Notwithstanding Orman’s repeated claim that, if elected, he has not decided which party he will caucus, no one believes him. There are currently two “independent ” senators who vote with the Democrats.

Roberts’ key message is that a vote for Orman is a vote for the Democrat anti-life agenda of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nv.) and President Obama. For example, Reid has refused to allow a vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which passed in the U.S. House in June 2013.[Kansas passed this law in 2011.]

Kansans for Life executive director, Mary Kay Culp, commented, “One Kansas City-area abortion business has posted Orman signs on the premises. They know that Orman is not a new-style, problem-solving ‘Unpolitician.’ He is an old-style politician trying to downplay an unconscionable pro-abortion position in a state with a pro-life majority.”