Cosmo party bus decked with “snacks, swag, and male models” to transport female college students to polls to vote for pro-abortion Kay Hagan

By Dave Andrusko

01 cosmoConsider this. On the Cosmopolitan magazine webpage–up to left of the story headlined “The #CosmoVotes Party Bus Is Coming to NC State University”–is a teaser for another story: “How can I get my older coworkers to respect me?”

Well, granted a lust for intellectual respectability has never been high on Cosmo’s most wanted list. But the magazine may want to ask itself whether it is willing to forfeit the last smidgeon of what little respectability it has accrued.

Put another way, if Cosmo insists on mixing politics with Animal House, doesn’t it understand that it will be laughed off the planet?

You may have heard—and then dismissed it because it must be a parody—that Cosmo had announced that “On Election Day, a bus decked out with snacks, swag, and models (hi, this is Cosmo) will roll up to North Carolina State University, the winner of’s first-ever party bus contest. The bus will shuttle students back and forth to a nearby polling location so students can vote.”

But that’s the tamer version of what will take placeNovember 4. According to CBS Charlotte

Shirtless male models and party buses are being offered to encourage female students at North Carolina State University to get out and vote during the Nov. 4 midterm elections. NC State students looking to vote will have the option of taking “a party bus equipped with snacks, prizes and shirtless male models” provided by Cosmopolitan magazine, student newspaper, Technician Online, reports.

As I (increasingly) say, you can’t make this stuff up. Back in early September, we reported that Cosmo had just announced it had launched its #CosmoVotes which would include “candidate endorsements, stories on women-centric issues by a recently hired political writer, and a social media effort to get readers to the polls and be part of ‘the party of the year,’” according to POLITICO.

Needless to say, its endorsements would not include pro-lifers. “We’re not going to endorse someone who is pro-life because that’s not in our readers’ best interest,” Editor-in-Chief Joanna Odell said matronizingly. In the case of North Carolina State, the bus will bring the “voters” out on behalf of pro-abortion Senator Kay Hagan.

I’m not going to belabor the obvious hypocrisy/double standard. It is worth noting that as the “war on women” flames out this year, pro-abortionists are more and more desperate. They attempt to turn anything—including treating pro-abortion female candidates as adults, not children, able to take as well as give—into acts of “disrespect.”

Having said that, the last word on double standard belongs to P.J. Gladnick, writing at

“Imagine the outrage if a party bus full of topless female models were sent to a college campus to shuttle male students to the polls with the ulterior motive of encouraging votes for Republicans. But since the reason for the male model Cosmo party bus is to encourage the Democrat vote, no problem.”