Continuing Pro-Life Momentum in 2015

penncapBy Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Pro-life is winning in Pennsylvania.

I base that statement not on anything I’ve read lately in pro-life publications, such as National Right to Life News Today, but on a piece from a pro-abortion blog (See

Susan Frietsche puts a pro-abortion spin on commonsensical pro-life gains in Pennsylvania as a preface to touting the “Pennsylvania Agenda for Women’s Health.” (More about this pro-abortion grab-bag below.) 

Frietsche realizes that abortion-backers have been on the losing end of legislative contests in the General Assembly lately.  It’s not surprising, since pro-life majorities rule both the Pennsylvania House and Senate. (If you’re a Pennsylvanian, don’t take the pro-life advantage for granted—be sure to vote November 4th!).

In the wake of the massive tragedy unleashed on the city of Brotherly Love by abortionist and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell, the  legislature passed common sense reforms ensuring that abortion centers in Philadelphia and across the state must meet basic health standards and submit to unannounced inspections.

A half-dozen abortion facilities closed their doors because they either could not or would not meet these minimal health and hygiene tests.

Pennsylvania also cut off a potentially lucrative stream of money to abortion centers by passing a law which ensures that no taxpayer funding of abortion will occur in the Commonwealth under the health insurance exchange created by Obamacare.  Countless numbers of abortions may have been prevented through this legislation, since we know by experience that public funding of abortion causes abortion totals to skyrocket.

So what’s an abortion backer to do?

Come up with a package of bills that promoters hope will regain the legislative ground lost in recent years.  Muddy the message by throwing in bills dealing with issues that have nothing to do with abortion but have crossover appeal—such as equal pay and the interests of female veterans.  Top the package with a bow marked, “the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women’s Health,” which, once it’s unraveled, reveals the hidden message, “Dismantle Pennsylvania’s landmark Abortion Control Act.”

For within the legislative package is a bill deceptively nicknamed the Patient Trust Act, which could conceivably eliminate the informed consent provisions of Pennsylvania’s abortion law.  In other words, women would no longer be informed of the scientifically-proven risks of abortion.

Pro-abortion activists want women to go into the abortion clinics blind, not knowing they risk the possibility of a perforated uterus, sterility, suicidal thoughts, and/or subsequent substance abuse. Informed consent is a four-letter word to abortion advocates.

The pro-life cause is, indeed, winning. Let’s continue the momentum into 2015, not just in Pennsylvania but around the nation.