Pro-abortion Senate Candidates Have Big Money Advantage


victoryfund3rd in a series of e-blasts highlighting the key U.S. Senate races the National Right to Life Victory Fund is working to win to gain pro-life control of the U.S. Senate.

As polls show a growing possibility that pro-lifers might win the leadership in the U.S. Senate next session, two recent news articles show pro-abortion candidates could still pull out a win because of their big advantage in outside money.

Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List already have raised tens of millions more dollars than the National Right to Life Victory Fund.

And other outside groups that support pro-abortion Democrats are doing very well, too.

In Alaska, for example, which one political commentary calls a “wildcard” race that could go either way, a Democratic superPAC poured almost four million dollars into negative ads against pro-life Senate candidate Dan Sullivan.

But those ads weren’t for the general election. The Democratic superPAC had enough money that they could afford to run waves of ads against Sullivan in the GOP primary, hoping to convince Republicans to reject Sullivan because they calculated he had the best chance of defeating pro-abortion incumbent Democrat Mark Begich in November!

And pro-abortion Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) helped fund the ads by donating to the group from his own Senate Majority PAC!

Alaska Republicans voted for Sullivan despite the onslaught of ads, and now he has a slight lead over Begich in the polls. But the fact that outside PACs who support pro-abortion Democrats have that much extra money to burn puts the election of good pro-life candidates like Sullivan, and his pro-life colleagues in other states, at risk.

That’s why we desperately need your help now!

The National Right to Life Victory Fund is the premiere way you can help get out the pro-life vote. We find new pro-life voters, provide them with critical information on where the candidates stand and why it is vital they vote pro-life, and then we get them to vote.

You don’t have to live in Alaska for this to matter, or even in one of the other states with a close U.S. Senate race.

Please help us narrow the big funding gap pro-abortion PACs enjoy with a generous donation of $1,000, $500, or $100 today. You can also provide critically needed help by donating $50, $35 or any amount. Anything you can give can help in a close race!

With your help, we can win that Senate majority unborn babies so desperately need!

contsavelivesCarol Tobias,
President, National Right to Life