Michigan abortionist found guilty of negligence and incompetence; “blood on the floor and walls in multiple locations”


By Dave Andrusko

Robert Alexander's Women's Medical Services

Robert Alexander’s Women’s Medical Services

NRL News Today has posted over a dozen stories on Muskegon, Michigan, abortionist Robert Alexander whose Woman’s Medical Services abortion clinic authorities shut down in December 2012. The most recent was provided by Genevieve Marnon, of Right to Life of Michigan, who wrote about Alexander’s appearance before Michigan Administrative Law Judge Shawn Downey.

What follows is a fuller explanation of Judge Downey’s decision.

Downey’s withering nine-page decision in which he found Alexander guilty of both negligence and incompetence paints a picture of an abortionist whose filthy abortion clinic immediately brings to mind the appalling conditions found in convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell’s “Women’s Medical Society.” Indeed, Alexander’s one-excuse-after-another/it’s-someone-else’s-fault is eerily reminiscent of Gosnell’s defense of his “House of Horrors.”

Downey patiently lays out the history, beginning with the night of December 26, 2012, when the landlord called the police saying that someone had broke in. What they found was an abortion clinic “in complete disarray.” [You can see 19 photos of the abortion clinic here.]

They found “biohazard materials unsecured, unsecured used needles. unsecured and unsanitary medical instruments, blood on the floor and walls, patient records strewn about, uncovered buckets containing unknown fluids, unsecured medications throughout the premises, multiple biohazard bags containing used hypodermic needles, and water leaking into the clinic from the room in several locations.”

The Muskegon Fire Marshal found the clinic unsafe and issued a cease and desist order, meaning the clinic could not be occupied.

Downey did “not find that Robert Lewis Alexander is a credible witness.” He added, “I do not find this man to be honest or trustworthy. At each turn, Respondent [Alexander] blamed someone else for conditions found at his medical clinic.”

In finding Alexander guilty of negligence and incompetence under Michigan’s Public Health Code, Judge Downey concluded, “The evidence is overwhelming that Dr. Alexander failed to adhere to the most minimal standards of cleanliness and sanitary conditions…The ultimate responsibility lies with Robert Alexander and he failed miserly in his obligation of due care.”

As Marmon wrote, “Now it is up to the Board of Medicine to take the judge’s opinion into consideration as it decides whether Alexander’s license will be revoked and what other sanctions will be placed on him.”

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