Help NRLC tell America “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart”

By Tatiana Bergum, NRLC Deputy Press Secretary

abortionstopsheartAs we prepare to celebrate Respect Life Month next month, National Right to Life will launch a nationwide radio campaign on IndieGoGO calledAbortion Stops a Beating Heart . Our current plan calls for airing these ads on more than 1,000 stations from coast to coast, and in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.  NRLC needs your assistance to raise $250,000.

We only have 25 days left to get the support to air these life-affirming ads. By giving to Abortion Stops a Beating Heart on IndieGogo [], you can receive a gift in return as a thank you from National Right to Life. Whatever you’re able to help us with will not go unnoticed—be it $1 or $100—what you give on behalf of the unborn makes a difference.

If you aren’t able to make a financial contribution, please consider getting involved at a local level. Reach out to the National Right to Life affiliate in your state. Read up on the latest pro-life news at National Right to Life News Today. Know where you representatives in Congress stand. Educate yourself so you can educate others.

With your help and commitment we can share the message of life with America! If even just one mother coping with an unexpected pregnancy hears our ad, and chooses life for her unborn child, then our campaign is a true success. But we can’t do it with you.

Tell your friends and family about Abortion Stops a Beating Heart. Share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and any other social media sites you use! Spreading the word is the key to getting our message across. You can help impact millions of people with the pro-life message– what better time to start than right now!