British pro-abortionist as inaccurate as the headline to her story


By Dave Andrusko

StopSigns22If you are a regular reader of National Right to Life News Today (and I hope you are!), you are well aware that our benighted opposition is beside itself. Sure, federal appeals courts are temporarily stymieing pro-life legislation, but there are so many laws and not every U.S. District judge or appeals court buys into the argument that every commonsense protective law constitutes an “undue burden.”

Others lament how old the leadership is, and how few young women identify either with the meaningless label “pro-choice” or with “feminist.” Still others worry about the power of technology to make clear what is obvious to everyone with eyes to see: the unborn is one of us.

But Jessica Valenti, writing for the British publication The Guardian, argued today that up is down, black is white, and weakness is strength. “Welcome to the beginning of the end of the anti-abortion movement” is the headline. Let’s see Valenti’s evidence.

In a nutshell, here’s the argument. If pro-lifers cannot stop all abortion in its tracks today, anything else—any incremental steps—is a concession that public is not with us. After all, she writes, “Americans’ beliefs about abortion have remained steady over the last 10 years, and women who want abortions are not changing their minds about obtaining the procedure.”

Really? The number of abortions is down from 1.6 million to 1.06 million—in other words, roughly 600,000 fewer abortions. Much/most of that decline preceded the wave of protective legislation passed beginning in 2011. The number of self-identified pro-lifers has reached parity with self-identified pro-choicers and there is simply no reason to believe the number of the former will not grow.

But one reason the end is near for “anti-abortion movement” in Valenti’s opinion is that studies cranked out by pro-abortion organizations tell us that pro-life legislation that slows down the rush to abortion has limited-to-no effect.

Really? Let’s let that pass for a moment. We have debunked it many times previously.

What Valenti is really using as the basic for her argument is the attack disguised as an opinion written by U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson in which he gutted Alabama’s law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. His argument (a whopping 172 pages long) makes as much sense read backwards as it does forward.

If you can persuade yourself that abortion is safe, safe, safe; that pro-lifers are violence-prone intimidators; and that every witness who told the court that continuity of care is essential when a woman has a complication and must be taken to a hospital is (at best) misguided, then it comes as no surprise that Thompson ruled the law served no purpose.

Contrast Thompson’s opinion with the unanimous opinion delivered by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit which upheld Texas’s requirement for admitting privileges and tell me which was a calm reading of the testimony and which was a predetermined decision that went on and on and on.

Valenti then trashes Crisis Pregnancy Centers, a favorite whipping boy for the Abortion Industry which hates competition almost as much as they hate women changing their minds about abortion.

To be fair to Valenti, she didn’t write the headline. She is not actually predicting the ‘end’ of our Movement, although that is something Valenti would obviously want. Her real agenda is to load her column with attacks on pro-lifers, bashing us as thuggish, addicted to telling falsehoods, people who are utterly indifferent to women—and then to add that we are “all the more dangerous” because we want to defeat pro-abortionists!

A more accurate representation is that we do want to carry the day for unborn children and their mothers. We do want them to know that truth about abortion and its ensuing emotional and physical complications, not the spoon-fed pro-abortion talking points. And we do know that public opinion is coming our way because, unlike pro-abortionists, our goal is to find a win-win solution for mothers and their unborn children.