If you think Harry Reid is bad now . . .


victoryfundWait until he’s teamed up with Joe Biden!

Scary, isn’t it?

Well, it’s a very real possibility.

Polling on this year’s U.S. Senate elections shows the GOP and Reid’s Democrats are in a dead tie. For example, the Real Clear Politics average of polls has the GOP and Democrats tied at 46 seats apiece, with the remaining eight races considered toss-ups.

Even if you assign those toss-up races where the polls show one candidate or another has at least a narrow lead, it still leaves the battle for the Senate tied at 49 for the Democrats and 49 for the GOP, with two other races showing mixed results.

So it is a real possibility that the Senate will end up tied at 50 seats apiece after this fall’s elections. And do you know who gets to break tie votes in the Senate under our Constitution?

That’s right, Joe Biden! The vice president of the U.S. also serves as president of the Senate, and in that role he gets to sit in the chair and break tie votes.

Imagine coming that close to finally winning pro-life leadership in the U.S. Senate but coming up one vote short, resulting in a 50/50 tie that lets Harry Reid and his new tag-team partner Joe Biden continue to block pro-life bills, stifle every attempt to overturn Obamacare, and rubber-stamp all of Barack Obama’s judicial appointments!

We can’t let that happen! The National Right to Life Victory Fund is working hard to elect pro-life candidates to the Senate and House this year so we can advance the cause of life. We have to win outright majorities in both Houses!

You can help us do that by generously supporting our work to educate the public about where the candidates stand, persuade millions of Americans to support our pro-life candidates, and get out the vote on election day.

Please help us win pro-life control of the Senate and House with a generous gift of $1,000, $500 $250 or $100. If you’d like to give a gift that represents the majority unborn babies need for us to win in the Senate (at least 51 seats), perhaps you might consider a donation of $51 to the National Right to Life Victory Fund.

It would be so heartening to see thousands of such gifts!

Thank you and bless you for anything you can do!

carol-tobias-sigpiccontributenowCarol Tobias
National Right to Life President