“But what crime did I commit?”


March20146One of the great victories of our movement is how we’ve won young people over to our side. Poll after poll shows young people are now among the most pro-life Americans. Having seen so many of these talented pro-life young people myself, I can say with certainty the future is with the cause of Life!

National Right to Life has been a big part of the change. Almost thirty years ago we created National Teens for Life and since then we’ve created many other outreach programs for young people. One of our best new programs is the National Right to Life Academy.

The National Right to Life Academy brings some of the brightest pro-life college students to Washington and gives them an intensive summer course on every aspect of the pro-life movement, from bioethics to lobbying; from fetal development to how to effectively spread the pro-life message in the media.

AcademyCollage-300x300Some of our students this summer were giving informative speeches on the development of the unborn child. The assignment is a great way for them to learn the medical facts and to practice presenting a pro-life message to the public at the same time.

Each of the students happened to mention that fingerprints begin to appear on an unborn baby’s hand by the time he is 10 weeks old in the womb. One asked the instructor “how old are most babies when they’re aborted?”

And the discussion that followed led to a very touching thought.

They were told many abortions do occur at 10 weeks and after. When, as they said in their speeches, the babies already have fingerprints.

In our culture, fingerprints are most often associated with crime. Because every person ever born (or unborn, as the case may be) has a unique pattern of swirls and ridges on their fingers, the prints can be used to determine guilt or innocence in a crime. So when the class thought of fingerprints, the issue of crime came up.

And the discussion led to this insight: With one baby in every five losing his life to abortion – a kind of capital punishment of the innocent – any one of those babies might rightly ask of us: “But what crime did I commit?”

2012teenconventionrePowerful thoughts generated from our young pro-lifers. As I said, the future is indeed bright for our movement!

If you would like to support our many programs that bring young people into our movement, and educate and integrate them into our chapters and pro-life work, please consider a donation to the National Right to Life Committee today.

Many graduates of our Academy, of Teens for Life, or the youth track at our National Right to Life Conventions today are working in the pro-life movement at NRLC, in our state affiliates, and in local Right to Life chapters. Your support can help us find and train even more of these leaders of tomorrow.

Today there are 550,000 fewer abortions each year than there were in 1990. I believe these young pro-lifers will bring us more waves of drops in abortion in the coming years. Please help us develop this treasured pro-life resource with your generous support today!

carol-tobias-sigpiccontributenowCarol Tobias
National Right to Life President