Judge rules in favor of feeding and hydrating radio icon Casey Kasem


By Dave Andrusko

Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem

The next stage in the bitter standoff between the wife of radio icon Casey Kasem and the children from his first marriage over whether he will be fed and hydrated will take place this Friday. In the meanwhile Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy has ruled in favor of Jean Kasem that Mr. Kasem, who has been described as having a progressive form of dementia, will be given nutrition, hydration, and medications.

On Monday Judge Murphy appointed an attorney who will meet with Kasem and his doctors in Washington state, according to the Associated Press. Murphy scheduled another hearing Friday for an update on Kasem’s condition.

The battle within the family, already rancorous, grew worse when daughter Kerri Kasem moved to have her father’s food and fluids stopped, described (no doubt unintentionally ironically) as “end of life measures.”

The attorney for Kerri Kasem told the court that the decision “was made after doctors determined that feeding and hydrating the celebrity had become increasingly painful,” the AP reported.

Steve Haney, the attorney for Jean Kasem, alleged Kerri Kasem’s motives were entirely different. She “could cash in immediately” on her share of a $2 million life insurance policy when he dies,” CNN reported.

Jean Kasem, Casey Kasem’s wife of 34 years, “said she supported Murphy’s ruling and will ask to be restored as her husband’s caretaker,” the AP reported. (Kerri Kasem was named Casey Kasem’s temporary conservator last month.)

“Only God knows when to take someone,” she said.

Kasem is described as being in critical condition.