Two Pro-Life Bills Make Final Passage in LA Legislature


HB 305 & HB 1262 Pass the Louisiana Senate by Overwhelming Margins

Pro-life Gov. Bobby Jindal

Pro-life Gov. Bobby Jindal

Baton Rouge, LA.–Two pro-life bills, HB 305 and HB 1262, overwhelmingly passed the Louisiana Senate on Tuesday.

HB 305 provides that no representative of a business or organization that performs abortion may provide instruction in schools that receive state funding. This will ensure that organizations with financial interest in abortion, like Planned Parenthood, cannot teach children in Louisiana.

“Louisiana has a long-standing policy of separating the abortion industry from our taxpayers, “ said Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life. ”HB 305 extends that policy by making sure abortion businesses have no place in state-funded schools. We appreciate the Senate’s vote today and look forward to Governor Jindal signing the bill.”

The legislation passed with little opposition and received a final vote of 31 to 5.

The second bill, HB 1262, passed with a vote of 30 to 4. This bill ensures that women are provided with life-saving information about the psychological impact of abortion and on the dangers of the sex trafficking industry to women prior to an abortion.

Now both of these bills await Governor Jindal’s signature.