The April NRL News is up and ready to be read and passed along to pro-life family and friends


By Dave Andrusko

FrontcoverreIt’s an especially fun time of the month—we’ve “printed” the latest edition of National Right to Life News, which is now an online, digital newspaper. You can access the April issue—and all the stories contained in it– at .

If I could, I’d like to provide an overview of a jam-packed issue that includes 25 stories, two page of abortion statistics, and two full-page ads for NRL’s upcoming national convention in Louisville, Kentucky, June 26-28. (For full information how you can register and/or reserve a room, go to You call also 202-378-8843.)

Right from the get-go, the readers learns on page one that there are “$5 Billion in Premium Subsidies to ObamaCare Exchanges that Permit Elective Abortion Coverage,” and that the abortion capital of the United States—New York—inspects tanning salons more often than it does abortion clinics!

A great deal of attention is paid to the human face of abortion—the babies lost, the mothers mauled. You think of the compassionless veto by the governor of West Virginia of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, or how the newly elected President of Chile is turning her government’s back on that nation’s most vulnerable.

And there are such terrible stories as the death of Qualecia James. It was awful enough that Ms. James had been senselessly gunned down by a drive-by shooter. That tragedy was compounded by the death of “KJ,” the seven-month-old unborn child who survived the initial assault on his mother.

But there is reason—many reasons, actually—for optimism. There is Angie Rodgers, who had already suffered three miscarriages, and was told by her doctors not to expect her unborn child to survive. She ignored the advice to abort five times and her baby is an Internet sensation.

Or the determination of states to fight for their legislation in the courts. Traditionally, pro-abortionists finding a willing ear there, but that has not stopped state attorneys general from fighting for their laws. And they are having successes (pages 17 and 24.)

Then there is the impact of requiring abortion clinics to meet commonsensical requirement. NRL Director of Education Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon offers a two-page tutorial on “What do all these abortion clinic closures really mean?” (pages 8-9)

And, of course, we explore euthanasia and assisted suicide at length (pages 2, 6, and 21.). Proponents never give up, but neither do we.

And in this particular issue, we discuss at length just how off the rails pro-abortion rhetoric has gone (pages 2, 14, 19, and 28).

I’m really hoping that you will read the April issue of National Right to Life News cover-to-cover. The beauty of a digital newspaper is you can forward individual stories or the entire edition to your pro-life family and friends.

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