Protecting the Unborn requires taking on the machinery of death


By Dave Andrusko

TaxdollarsYesterday we posted an analysis of a remarkable piece that appeared on a pro-abortion site titled “Abortion as a Blessing, Grace, or Gift: Changing the Conversation on Reproductive Rights and Moral Values.” In a word, it brought a new dimension to the phrase pro-abortion absolutism.

But, of course, in her relentless campaign to invert the morality of abortion and justify abortions for any reason—all in the name of “spiritual values”– Valerie Tarico was merely projecting onto us a militancy that is breathtaking in its self-assurance that pro-abortionists are on the side of the secular angels.

Enter Sally Kohn. Writing at The Daily Beast, she advises, “Mississippi, Get Over Your Abortion Fixation.” Kohn could have been writing about a host of states that refuse to stand idly by while the machinery of the Abortion Industry does everything in its power to massively expand the number of abortions.

And just so we clear up what the Sally Kohns are trying to muddy… When they profess to be championing the cause of “women without means,” what is the objection and the objective?

The objection is that poorer women are not meeting the abortion quota established for them by the Abortion Establishment. That is why they hate the Hyde Amendment so much.

We’ve written about the Hyde Amendment for decades, and with good reason. Absent that limitation on federal funding, over one million people now alive would have been slaughtered in the abortion mills.

The objective is to stop that money flowing out of the pockets of Planned Parenthood.

Kohn recycles standard pro-abortion talking points and the usual putdowns of pro-life state legislators, in this case Mississippi, which is aggressively passing pro-life laws. She feigns surprise that they can be bothered with saving unborn lives so long as there are other problems to be addressed.

Obviously—well, obviously to anyone who bothers to reflect on this—legislators can do both. But to pro-abortionists, a minute/hour/day spent on pro-life legislation is a minute/hour/day wasted. Or, more accurately, is a threat to the Abortion Industry.

One other amusing point in her column. The same people who will say anything to justify abortion without limitation (paid for by your tax dollars), and who treat reason like it was a rash, have the gall to call pro-lifers “demagogues.” Goodness, gracious.

Kohn insists that the pro-life perspective is confined to a limited constituency—“the old social conservative voting base”—which will be soon outvoted by “a younger, more diverse and more open-minded base of voters.” I guess no one has told Kohn that more and more young people are pro-life and that the most “opened-minded” view of abortion is we protect all life, born and unborn.

Hats off to all the brave pro-life legislators in Mississippi and across the nation.