Another mother rejects advice to abort, Maisie doing wonderfully


By Dave Andrusko

Maisie Smith, now aged 18 weeks, with her mother, Amy

Maisie Smith, now aged 18 weeks, with her mother, Amy

This will be a short post for two reasons. Maisie Smith’s wonderful story is the last story of the day and I’ve been meaning to write about Maisie and her wonderful mother, Amy, for two days.

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Maisie’s and Amy’s story is one of those life-affirming accounts of a “you’ve got to be kidding me” response when a physician looks at a problem diagnosed prenatally and suggests “termination.”

That’s what happened after Amy went in for an ultrasound. At first the doctors thought what they saw was a cyst. In fact it was CDH– congenital diaphragmatic hernia—meaning her “organs slipped into her chest area, leaving little room for her lungs to grow.” according to reporter Rachel Millard.

“We were then told to go for a scan at St George’s Hospital where we were given the terrible news that our little girl did in fact have a right-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia, and her chances were 50/50,” Amy told Millard.

“In Maisie’s case her liver and bowel were in her chest. After being told that she had CDH, we were offered a termination, which quite took me aback. I couldn’t believe what the doctor was saying to me. I told him that wasn’t even an option.”

Maisie was born at 37 weeks, a little over three months ago, weighing 5lb and 4oz. She was immediately taken away to be intubated and had her operation on the day after “Boxing Day” (in England Boxing Day is celebrated the day after Christmas).

“It was the longest few hours of my life,” Amy said. “Since then Maisie has just gone from strength to strength.”

Millard concludes her lovely story with a description from Amy–Maisie is “the best baby.”

“She sleeps through the night and is always, always smiling. It melts my heart because she has been through so much yet she is always, always smiling. I am welling up just talking to you.”