Obama approval numbers drop to record low in Fox News poll

By Dave Andrusko

Pro--abortion President Barack Obama

Pro–abortion President Barack Obama

It’s now official. What we expected would come to pass has. A Fox News poll released Wednesday found that only 38% of the public approves of President Obama’s job performance with 54% disapproving.

According to Fox News’ Dana Blanton, last month Mr. Obama’s approval rating was 42%, just two points above his (previously) worst numbers registered in November 2013.

According to Fox, only 71% of Democrats approve of Obama’s job performance while among the all-important bloc of Independents, his number stood at near record low 28%. Among Republicans, the number dropped to its all-time low, a miniscule 5%.

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That continual erosion among Republicans can be explained in a number of different ways. But clearly the President’s decision to abandon virtually even the pretense of working with the Republican-led House has added fuel to the fire.

Just a quick summary of some of the lowlights (for the President) of the responses from 1,002 registered voters:

  • Health care. Barely over a third (36%) say the administration has improved it, while 57% think it has failed to do so.
  • Only 33% say the President has mostly succeeded in improving America’s image around the world — something Obama vowed to do once in office.
  • Transparency: 59% believe the President has mostly failed to run a transparent administration (he had vowed to have the most transparent administration in American history). And the most significant finding of all
  • Are things better since Mr. Obama became president? Blanton writes, “Just 34 percent of voters think the country is better off compared to five years ago, while most — 60 percent — disagree. In September 2012, some 45 percent thought the country was better off compared to before Obama took office.”

What’s a point here or there, you might ask. We talked about that last November. There really is something symbolically and substantially significant about dropping behind 40%. It’s almost as if that is the threshold before the numbers drop through the floor.

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