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Louisiana Right to Life Offers Clarifications on Legislative Auditor’s Report


Investigation of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Not Complete

New Orleans, LA–In its report issued on February 19th, the Louisiana Legislative Auditor stated that he found no indication that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (PPGC) fraudulently billed Medicaid or recommended abortions in Louisiana. However, the Legislative Auditor report represents only one small part of an ongoing investigation. In addition, the report was limited to reviewing Medicaid codes for services rendered before they have even built the planned abortion facility.

The Auditor’s report rightly notes that it had a narrow role to investigate, since investigations by the Department of Health and Hospitals and the Office of Inspector General are still outstanding. The investigations are based on SCR 57, a resolution inspired by the $4.3 million settlement paid in 2013 by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in response to a federal civil suit claiming fraudulent billings to Medicaid in Texas. The investigations of the same organization now planning to build an abortion clinic in New Orleans are active and on-going.

Louisiana Right to Life highlights the following facts in light of the Legislative Auditor’s report:

Legislative Auditor Report Contradicts PP’s Own Statements in the Legislature

The Auditor’s Report states that they found no proof that Planned Parenthood recommended for abortion. However, this is in direct contradiction to Planned Parenthood’s own admissions during legislative testimony on two separate occasions (May 11,2011; June 8,2011). SCR 57 provides reference to these instances. Further, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s building permit documents expressly state that “Patients who need to terminate a pregnancy will be able to rely on Planned Parenthood for an abortion.”

Planned Parenthood Facility Could Sell Up To 30 Abortions a Day in New Orleans

Recent permits filed with the New Orleans Permits Department show that Planned Parenthood’s proposed facility could perform as many as 30 abortions per day [] based on building permit documentation. A description was also included of the “vacuum pump system,” which will be used to remove unborn children from their mothers’ wombs either whole or in pieces, and the “lab for reviewing procedure by-products” (i.e., the tiny dismembered hands and feet) to ensure that all body parts were successfully removed.

The Louisiana Legislature had good reason to ask for an investigation of PPGC

In 2013, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (PPGC), the same Planned Parenthood affiliate that operates in Louisiana, was required to pay $4.2 million in Texas in a settlement for the suit claiming fraudulent use of Medicaid funding. We should investigate to protect the tax-payer dollars of Louisiana citizens when fault has been found by a neighboring state.

Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life said the following concerning Planned Parenthood’s state investigation:

“The final word on SCR 57 and this investigation has not been written, as nothing has been released from the DHH and the OIG.”

“Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast will have the capacity at the new facility they intend to build to perform up to thirty abortions a day, and through this, bring in well over $1.25 million dollars a year in abortion income alone. Citizens of Louisiana should be rightly concerned about the mingling of abortion money and tax-dollar Medicaid payments.”

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