It’s almost as if the newborn is saying, “Don’t—whatever you do–separate me from Mom!”


By Dave Andrusko

babyandmom4Oh, my goodness, my thanks and gratitude go out to Rebekah O’Brien. She passed along to her readers a link to a video that will melt your heart:

What do we see in just under a minute and a half?

A mom has just delivered her baby boy, which, of course, really resonated with me. Our first grandson (and second grandchild) joined the Andrusko clan last November.

The camera angle is from behind and you see the baby gently holding on to his mom’s face. He is crying but after a few seconds he is at peace.

We see the little one has placed his right hand across her brow, his left cheek pressed up against his Mom’s left cheek. Silence. The baby is calm, quiet, secure.

But then the staff starts to take him away. The volume control goes to maximum . Born with healthy lungs, it’s almost as if he is screaming, “Don’t—whatever you do–separate me from Mom!”

As long as the staff allows him to stay in his refuge, all is well. His left hand begins to move toward her face. Added assurance? For this moment at least, all is well in the universe.

Clearly the doctors and nurses are fascinated by what they are witnessing. When it’s time to move the baby (presumably for a bath), he lets everyone know that this change of locale is by their wish, not his.

I know, I know. Pro-lifers are tender-hearted almost (as if that were possible) to a fault. Someone else looking at the same video might dismiss it as…whatever. Reflect, instinct, a response to cold.

Not us.

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