Wisconsin RTL Uses New Technologies in the Cause of Life


By Luis Zaffirni

123GiveLife_iPhoneWisconsin Right to Life has operated the website www.123givelife.com since 2008, and it has been a powerful tool to help women with crisis pregnancies find the help they need. But they recently revamped the site and added a mobile version which has exponentially increased the reach and potential of this site in their state. This is great, great news!

If a young woman finds herself pregnant and is worried about what to do, it is not at all uncommon for her to search online for answers. Wisconsin’s updated site will help her find a place that will give her the help she needs to give birth to her child—easily and quickly and nearby. All she need do is plug in her zip code and she will be told the locations of crisis pregnancy centers.

And the mobile version of the site makes it even easier for Wisconsin Right to Life to link the woman or girl facing a crisis pregnancy with a CPC. Here’s how it works:

If she is using a smartphone, she would open her web browser, go to www.123givelife.com, enter her ZIP code, choose a mileage range (from 10 and 50 miles), and hit the “LOOKUP” button.

She is instantly provided with a list of nearby crisis pregnancy centers along with all their contact information including phone numbers, email addresses, and websites. Better yet, because she is using a smartphone, she can simply tap or click on any of that information and be in instant contact with these establishments! Just a note, this site works for only Wisconsin locations.

This takes on even greater significance in light of the news earlier this month that smartphone ownership was nearing 100 million in the United States. Moreover, far from leveling off,the percentage of cell phone users who opt for a smartphone continues to increase.

Wisconsin’s www.123givelife.com is just another example of the terrific way the pro-life movement is meeting the perennial challenge of helping women and girls in crisis with new technologies.

And as we help women and girls navigate the shock of an unplanned pregnancy, we are saving them from a disastrous decision and saving their babies from death.

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