An Update on Tuesday’s Virginia elections from Virginia Society for Human Life: every vote counts!

Pro-Life Ken Cuccinelli

Pro-Life Ken Cuccinelli

Dear Friends,

Every vote will count! Let me repeat that. EVERY vote will count!

There is absolutely no doubt that pro-life voters can make the difference in this year’s elections in Virginia. Pro-life voters can bring a margin of victory in a race as tight as this one between Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia. As many as 5% percent of voters are single issue, pro-life voters. In a race like this, which one recent poll says is as close as 2%, pro-life voters could definitely make the difference on election day!

To do that, however, none of us can stay home! We can’t let our friends stay home. If you don’t think it will matter, remember that the babies are counting on you! They can’t wait four more years to see laws passed that will save their lives!

Three pro-life candidates are running for statewide office this year. Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor, and Mark Obenshain for Attorney General all have pro-life voting records and/or have submitted pro-life questionnaires to Virginia Society for Human Life.

Virginia voters need to remember that Democratic candidates Terry McAuliffe , Ralph Northam and Mark Herring are all endorsed by Planned Parenthood, which endorses only pro-abortion candidates.

Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis has repeatedly stated that he is opposed to any effort to pass new pro-life laws and opposes some of those already on the books, including the ban on partial-birth abortions!

Also this year also the entire House of Delegates is up for election. Virginia has been fortunate to have a solid and active pro-life majority in the House for the past few years. That majority has been responsible for the successful passage of several important pro-life measures at the General assembly, including the pro-woman Ultrasound law and abortion facility regulations, and preventing tax funding of abortion under Obamacare in Virginia. That kind of reasonable and protective legislation will not happen any time soon if pro-lifers do not hold the House of Delegates!

VSHL PAC has compiled a complete list of information on the candidates. Please make sure your friends and family know who the pro-lifers are! That information can be found here:

Pro-life people don’t believe the ugly and dangerous rhetoric of those on the pro-abortion side of this year’s elections. We know that every pro-life vote by an elected official is always a vote to save babies’ lives and protect women from the tragic and violent act of abortion.

Mothers’ and babies’ lives do hang in the balance this year. Please inform yourself and all your pro-life friends where the candidates stand and then make sure you and they all vote tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5th!

Thank you,

Virginia Society for Human Life