Abortion chain with Minneapolis facility cited for more violations in Texas

WholWomansHeathlogoMINNEAPOLIS–The latest inspections of Whole Woman’s Health (WWH) abortion centers in Texas have revealed continuing health violations by the abortion chain. Yet WWH’s Minneapolis abortion center remains neither licensed nor inspected by the state of Minnesota.

An Oct. 3 inspection of WWH of Beaumont by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) found many different health code violations. “[T]he facility failed to provide safe and sanitary equipment in the patients’ procedure rooms,” DSHS noted. For example, inspectors found “numerous rusty spots on the suction machines used on the patient” that had “the likelihood to cause infection.” The DSHS report concluded, “[T]he facility failed to provide a safe environment for patients and staff.”

An Aug. 29 inspection of WWH of San Antonio determined that it “failed to implement and enforce acceptable environmental controls in cleaning and preparing instruments for sterilization.” A Sept. 4 inspection of WWH of McAllen found that “personnel … were not following proper sterilization procedures.”

“Whole Woman’s Health has a long history of not abiding by health and safety standards,” said Scott Fischbach, Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL). “But here in Minnesota, the Department of Health doesn’t inspect abortion facilities, or even license them. We have no way of holding Whole Woman’s Health accountable and protecting women’s health.”

Texas-based WWH launched its Minneapolis center, Whole Woman’s Health of the Twin Cities, in early 2012. Legislation to license and inspect abortion facilities was passed by the Minnesota Legislature in 2012, but the measure was vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton.

Four of the five WWH clinics in Texas have been cited for violating safety standards in just the last three years. In 2007 DSHS fined WWH of Beaumont $3,050 for five different violations. In 2011 the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality determined that two WWH clinics were illegally disposing of the remains of aborted children; they were penalized $40,410 (and WWH’s medical waste vendor was penalized $42,612).  In 2012 the Texas Medical Board disciplined two WWH abortionists for violating standards of patient care.

“In light of the persistent violations by Whole Woman’s Health in Texas, as well as horrific practices uncovered in other abortion clinics across the country, it is ridiculous that Minnesota does not ensure minimum health and safety standards in abortion facilities,” concluded Fischbach. “Gov. Dayton is letting his commitment to unfettered abortion get in the way of protecting the women of Minnesota.”

Editor’s note. This comes from Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), which is National Right to Life’s state affiliate.