Poll finds 60% believe implementation of ObamaCare has been a “joke”

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

It’s not the only way, but one very useful way of understanding how the public feels about a given subject is to give them polar opposite alternatives to choose from. So Fox News asked Americans what “best describes how ObamaCare is being carried out and implemented” and gave them two options: “It’s a joke” or the launch is “going fine.”

By a two to one margin—60% to 31%–respondents said it’s been a joke!

There is lot to pour over, but since we are going to talk elsewhere today about the rollout of the ObamaCare health insurance exchanges, let me just offer three other conclusions from the answers of 1,020 registered voters.

In many ways, as a candidate, Mr. Obama’s strongest suit was his ability to persuade the public that if elected, he could transcend the usual partisan divides. Fox News asked, “Do you think the Obama Administration is doing more to end the partisan divide in Washington or doing more to push the parties further apart?”

By almost the same margin—59% to 31%–the public said more to push the parties further apart. While absolutely true, that the public now understands this is really stunning. Noteworthy is that 61% of Independents believe the President is doing more to polarize than to bring together.

As for his job performance and personal popularity, it only stands to reason that they would be sinking fast. Only 41% approve of his performance versus 53% who disapprove. And President Obama’s personal favorability is down to 45% (60% of Independents disapprove).

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