Only 5 Iowans Have Signed Up For ObamaCare, Will Media Report?

By Noel Sheppard

signingupobamacareWith all eyes on how many people have actually signed up for ObamaCare, it will be interesting to see how honest the media will be concerning this matter if the numbers are disappointing.

For example, it was reported by Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s ABC affiliate KCRG Wednesday that only five Iowans have actually been successful (video follows with partial transcript and commentary):

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Also today, the insurance division office in Des Moines told us quote “we cannot say for sure if anyone has successfully signed up through the website.” Tonight, one of the two exchange providers, CoOportunity Health, said a total of five Iowans have obtained insurance.

The Des Moines Register confirmed this late Wednesday evening:

“At least five unusually persistent Iowans have managed to sign up for health insurance on the government’s balky new online marketplace.

“Let’s call them the Hardy Handful. They apparently were willing to wait through interminable delays and to try, try again after repeatedly being booted off the system. By Wednesday morning, they had enrolled in insurance plans sold on the public marketplace by CoOportunity Health.”

Editor’s note. You can watch the KCRG reporter here.