Ohio Abortions Hover Near Historic Lows: State Report Shows Abortions Spiked 5.3% Among African Americans in 2012

Editor’s note. The bulk of this post is courtesy of NRLC’s state affiliate, Ohio Right to Life. After that, we’ve offered a few additional details.

ohio45reCOLUMBUS, Ohio—Monday’s release of the 2012 Ohio Abortion Report by the Ohio Department of Health shows that, following the historic 12 percent drop in abortions in 2011, abortions last year remained near the lowest levels ever, even with a slight rise from 2011. The 3 percent increase in 2012 (24,764 to 25,473) leaves abortions at the second-lowest level since 1976, when record-keeping first began, and significantly lower than 2010 levels (28,123 abortions).

The 2012 Abortion Report also reveals a:

  • 5.3 percent overall increase within the African American community
  • 1.7 percent overall decrease within the white community
  • 30 percent decrease in abortions after 19 weeks gestation
  • Increases in the major metropolitan areas of Cuyahoga, Franklin and Hamilton Counties
  • Decrease in Lucas County (Toledo), and;
  • Decrease in teen abortions and increases in age groups older than 20

“We grieve for the loss of life represented by this report, and rise in abortions last year—even if it’s slight—is a tragedy that reminds us that our work is not done,” said Mike Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life. “Fewer babies are alive today—especially in the African American community—and the blame for that tragedy lies squarely on the shoulders of Planned Parenthood, the rest of the abortion industry, and every politician who campaigned on their behalf last year.”

“Right now, the pro-life community is wondering how much higher last year’s abortions would have been without the life-saving laws that have already been enacted in Ohio,” said Gonidakis. “We fully expect Planned Parenthood and NARAL to celebrate the overall abortion increase, but we nevertheless hope that they will one day work with Ohio Right to Life, pregnancy help centers, and the rest of the pro-life community to lower the number of abortions and bring Ohio back to life.”

In addition

  • Devastating impact on Black community: As Gonidakis told the Columbus Dispatch, “African-American women make up 8 percent of our state’s population, and yet (38 percent) of abortions were performed on African-American women.”
  • Repeat abortions: 15,026 women reported that they’d had one or more prior abortions.
  • These numbers came too early to reflect the impact of more recent pro-life legislative successes.

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