Abandoned Baby miraculously survives

By Dave Andrusko

Yolanda Long emphasized it was “a miracle” that they found a newborn baby only hours old in a backyard in Queens, New York.

Eyewitness News reporter Michelle Charlesworth said the window above the child “just happened” be open a crack and Yoland and Gary Long “just happened” to be awake around 7 in the morning because “a family member woke them with a telephone call randomly moments before.”

The baby boy was “naked and blue and shivering and 10 inches of umbilical cords were still attached,” a very emotional Charlesworth said. (See here.)

Gary Long told the New York Post that we heard what he thought was “a cat crying” in his back yard. Instead he found the 4-pound infant, who appeared nearly full term, on the cement.

“It looked like a doll laying there,” Long told the Post’s Larry Celona and C.J. Sullivan. “Then it moved and started to cry, and I realized it was a naked baby with the umbilical cord still attached.”

“I wrapped the baby up very tightly and I took a heating pad and laid it across the towel, and I took my blow dryer and put it up so the heat could come down, because the baby looked sort of bluish to me,” Yolanda Long told Michelle Charlesworth.

The baby is reportedly in stable condition.

As NRL News Today has reported, this story, unfortunately, is unusual only in that the baby survived. As the Post put it, “The abandonment is the latest in a rash of similar heart-breaking incidents in recent months.”

Mr. Long said it may have not been an accident that they baby boy was dropped in their neighborhood. “We sit in the yard a lot — maybe they thought we were nice people and we’d take care of the baby,” Long said.

“They could have at least put him in clothes or wrapped him in a blanket,” Gary Long told the Post. “There’s cats, raccoons, anything could have gotten to that baby, they shouldn’t have left him in the yard.”