Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s “layered grassroots outreach” a typical smear attack against a pro-life candidate

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Abortion Terry McAullife and Pro-Life Ken Cuccinelli.

Pro-Abortion Terry McAullife and Pro-Life Ken Cuccinelli.

Here’s a quick update on what promises to be a race for governor in Virginia that’ll to down to the last week (“Pro-abortion Democrats dust off old play book to smear Ken Cuccinelli”).

As far as I can tell there have been no newer public polls released on the contest between pro-abortion Democratic operative Terry McAuliffe and pro-life Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli: a point or two advantage for McAuliffe, mirroring the welcome conclusion that the much larger advantage once enjoyed by McAuliffe has vanished.

Over the weekend a tiny story appeared from WSLS 10 in southern Virginia. The four paragraph story includes this opening: “With several Virginia elections just around the corner, Planned Parenthood is working to remind people in our area about some of the stances the candidates have when it comes to women’s rights.”

Since we weren’t there and the story goes into zero detail, let’s guess that these phone calls mirror what Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s Media Office announced a while back.

It’s all attack; you don’t read a word about McAuliffe until the disclaimer:

“Paid for by Planned Parenthood Votes and Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC. Authorized by Terry McAuliffe for Governor, candidate for Governor.”

The “layered grassroots outreach” includes allegations that should make even PP Action Fund blush. To take just one example, “Ken Cuccinelli is trying to muddy the waters when it comes to his extreme positions.”

This is the classic pro-abortion attack mode. Put out some outrageous smear and when the pro-life candidate responds, it’s not a honest effort to clear up the distortions but an attempt to “muddy the waters.” The entire “PLANNED PARENTHOOD VOTES AND PLANNED PARENTHOOD VIRGINIA PAC LAUNCH GRASSROOTS VOTER OUTREACH EFFORTS” is rife with this kind of sleazy politics.

The one thing accurate in the story and the press release is that the election is November 5.

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