ObamaCare: Only Abortion-Covering Plans in Rhode Island Exchange

By Susan T. Muskett, J.D., Senior Legislative Counsel

Abortregs2As ObamaCare kicks in, new details are emerging regarding its pro-abortion effect in the Exchanges around the country. It is bad enough that federal premium subsidies will be paid to Exchange plans that cover elective abortion in the 27 states that have not passed a law opting out of abortion coverage, but now, for some pro-lifers, the only plans that will be offered in their state Exchange will be plans that cover abortion.

In testimony on September 12 before the Rhode Island House Committee on Finance, the Director of the Rhode Island Exchange confirmed that all of the health insurance plans on the Rhode Island Exchange will cover abortion.

The Rhode Island Exchange will not even have a federally administered multi-state plan that doesn’t cover elective abortion. ObamaCare requires each Exchange to have at least one federally administered multi-state plan that doesn’t cover elective abortion. But this requirement is phased in and the federal government has until 2017 to implement a multi-state plan in every Exchange. Rhode Island is not among the initial states in which a multi-state plan will operate.

The federal government gave over $82 million to the state of Rhode Island to establish its Exchange. The result? A marketplace exclusively for abortion-covering plans.

As the Exchange plans go online, pro-lifers will have to ferret out which plans in their respective Exchanges do not cover elective abortion.

Twenty-three states have enacted “opt out” laws, in various forms, that will prevent Exchange-participating insurance plans from covering abortions. An up-to-date listing is posted on the NRLC website here:  www.nrlc.org/uploads/ahc/InsuranceCoverageAbortionRegs.pdf

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