NRL Academy students reflect back on exciting course work, look to the future

By Gabriela Weigel and Chelsea Shields

2013 National Right to Life Academy Students

2013 National Right to Life Academy Students

The end has arrived.

But really, it is just the beginning.

Five long weeks have culminated with the graduation dinner of the NRLC Academy Class of 2013 on the evening of Friday, August 2nd. The students plowed through the final week just as intense and invigorating as the rest, evaluating the milestone Partial Birth Abortion Ban, meeting with international stem cell expert Dr. David Prentice, analyzing Unborn Pain legislation, and finishing with a personal tour of the Capitol with Pro-Life hero Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ). Every moment of their stay in the nation’s capitol was infused with irreplaceable knowledge that now places them at the forefront of their generation of Pro-Life leaders.

And that’s exactly why this isn’t just the end.

National Right to Life Academy students are flooded with a comprehensive knowledge of all the life issues, and through rigorous training obtain the organizational, developmental, networking, and public speaking skills to most effectively communicate the pro-life position. This instruction develops the basic lessons, applicable to the entire pro-life movement, that empower National Right to Life Academy graduates as they work to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

Academy graduates understand that innocent human beings are dying every day because they have no voice. If we do not speak up for them, who will? They have learned that progress may be slow, but incremental changes can save lives, and any live saved is truly worth the effort. And they know that the greatest weapon the pro-life movement wields is the truth, and though it may be suppressed, it can never be silenced.