Women of the hour

By Megan McCrum, Academy Program Director

The mainstream media’s “war on women” mantra is like a tired pop song that has been playing on repeat for the past year. It may have sounded good to pro-abortion advocates the first time they heard it, but it has long since gone flat. Because despite the catchy alliteration and our opposition’s dogged insistence that somehow pro-life policies that protect unborn children and their mothers are “anti-women,” the fact is the pro-life movement is overflowing with women, and they aren’t waging a war on themselves.

Just for kicks, let’s take a look back at some of the recent classes of college students in our National Right to Life Academy summer program:


And now we come to the current Academy class, who just began taking classes at NRLC just this week. The Dallas Morning News took a photo of some of our students at the National Right to Life Convention.

We can’t re-run the picture here, but please visit this link www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/headlines/20130628-looking-for-tips-to-fight-back-against-abortion.ece to see the lopsided female-to-male ratio their photographer captured.

For the record, we heartily welcome the voices of pro-life men in this fight to protect the unborn. Abortion is not just a “women’s issue” but a human rights issue, the greatest of our time. But since the media is so interested in what women think about abortion, they might want to think about considering the views of some of the young pro-life women pictured here.