Saying they need to get out of a “defensive crouch,” pro-abortionist says enough of apologizing for having abortions

By Dave Andrusko

As the last post for the first day of the week, a few paragraphs about an article that appeared at which I had tried unsuccessfully to get to all last week.

Jessica Grose’s point is straightforward: “Enough With the Grueling, Wrenching, ‘I Had an Abortion’ Essays.”

A year or two ago I might have suspected that this essay was at least tongue-in-cheek, maybe even a spoof. But as the Pro-Abortion Movement has taken abortion absolutism to a whole new plane, it’s clear they not only will say anything, they mean it! This (of many possible selections) from Grose:

“The pro-choice side remains in a defensive crouch. We trot out the saddest stories: a woman who really wanted a baby but terminated because the baby was not going to be able to live outside the womb or a woman who can’t afford another child without tumbling into poverty. But a lot of women have abortions and don’t look back. A lot of women don’t want a baby, and they don’t care whether the fetus is viable or how much money is in their bank account. Where are their essays?”

I thought of this as a I pondered a piece by a pro-life researcher who has read what pro-abortionists say about the reasons women have late abortions. The pro-abortionists found that women rarely cited a health reason.

Grose is illustrative (or symptomatic) of a strain of contemporary pro-abortion argument that believes the more you offer “reasons” for why you take your baby’s life, the weaker the “cause” becomes. It implies, Grose writes, there are “appropriate” abortions and only one way of responding.

This cedes ground—unnecessarily. And besides “Anti-choicers” (that would be us) aren’t going to be persuaded so there’s no profit there. What to do?

Well, offer the most off-turning (to any morally sentient human being) example of the response to an abortion which if a pro-lifer had written it, we’d be accused (a) of making it up and/or (b) demonstrating gross insensitivity.

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Here’s Grose’s gross example which she loved because the 23-year-old she quotes was “blithe and unapologetic”:

“By monday my hormones were a little wonky but in all i just felt like this parasitic creature that burrowed its way into me and fed of my energy, apetite, [sic] and joy was removed. And I had been restored.”

Grose’s conclusion?

“This kind of honesty might not change any anti-choice minds. But it pushes forward the idea that there isn’t one right way to feel about terminating a pregnancy. And it has the potential to nudge the battle back leftward after ceding so much ground.”

Guess what? I believe Grose really believes this!

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