Glowing in the Dark: Camp Joshua Virginia

By Megan McCrum, Camp Joshua VA Coordinator

Pro-life summer camp really is the best thing ever. Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL) just wrapped up its second Camp Joshua program, a weekend summer camp to build up pro-life leaders among high school students.

The weekend’s agenda was full of informative talks like “Abortion 101” and “Intro to Euthanasia,” and activities such as skits on pro-life leadership. Each presentation was part of an overarching theme that each camper has a unique role in the call to “Be Joshua” and help tear down the walls of the culture of death by building up a culture of life. Throughout the weekend teams of campers could earn balloons that were used on the last day for a balloon-tower challenge: build up the culture of life by building the tallest balloon tower. Its a bit of a stretch, but it sure was fun!

This team built their tower in the shape of "J" for Joshua.

This team built their tower in the shape of “J” for Joshua.

In addition to the top-quality content provided by the guest speakers, a key part of camp is the community-building opportunity for 50 teens from all over the state to be able to gather together for the weekend and grow in friendship. One camper put it this way “I liked listening to all the talks, being among friends, and generally being among people with the same intention — to save babies.”

And this community-building is already making a difference. One group of teens from the local area where camp is held came back from last year’s camp and formed their own “St. Francis Youth for Life” committee.

College student leaders participating in the NRLC Academy were part of the team of young adult camp counselors at camp. These young leaders worked through small group discussions with the campers…and also performed a great rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” at the camp talent show!

Guest speaker Lori Kehoe from New York State Right to Life concluded her presentation by giving all the campers glow sticks, saying, “Why glow sticks? Because each of YOU are glow sticks, you glow in the darkness of our culture.” The many bright young faces at Camp Joshua Virginia, and numerous other pro-life youth camps around the country should encourage us all that we are building a pro-life future. Glow-on!

Teens at Camp Joshua Virginia

Teens at Camp Joshua Virginia

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