Gosnell agrees to life in prison after jury convicts him of three counts of first-degree murder

By Dave Andrusko

You didn’t have to be very perceptive in listening to Jack McMahon on Monday to realize that his client, abortionist Kermit Gosnell, was very likely to cut a deal to avoid the death penalty. There was an awful lot of praise for the jury that had just convicted Gosnell of three counts of first-degree murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter.

And that’s exactly what Gosnell did Wednesday, although the actual agreement was reached with prosecutors yesterday, the day the jury was to begin hearing testimony to decide whether to sentence Gosnell to death.

The quid pro quo was that the 72-year-old Gosnell would forgo appealing the verdict and the prosecution would settle for life imprisonment.

Asked by Common Pleas Court Judge Jeffrey P. Minehart, “Is there anything you wish to say?” before he imposed three consecutive life prison terms plus 2-1/2 to 5 years, Gosnell replied, “Not at this time.”

After this morning’s pro-forma 15 minute hearing, McMahon continued his contention that Gosnell had committed no crime and that “The media has been overwhelmingly against him.” He said it was because of his children that Gosnell chose life in prison. “He (Gosnell) did not want to subject them to any more negativity,” McMahon told reporters.

He insisted that Gosnell is “far from a monster,” and that Gosnell “believes what he did was not homicide.” For good measure, McMahon added, “This was presented in the beginning as a house of horrors. None of that is true.”

On the other hand, McMahon said, “But I think the jury listened to the evidence … and they found what they found.”

Several members of the jury (nine of whom previously described themselves as “pro-choice”) talked with reporters afterwards.


“Most of us felt it came down to a greed factor,” said Joseph Carroll. “The services … it was like a machine. They came in, he gave them a service, and bam, the women were gone.”

According to ABC News, “Juror Sarah Glinski said today that the hardest part of the trial was viewing the images of the lifeless newborns.”

“Seeing those photos and just having to say to myself, ‘This did happen to those kids. There were children that died at the hands of this man.’ That was what was hard for me. To admit that that kind of evil exists in this world,” she said.

McMahon also told the media that rather than go to court, his client would plead to pending federal drug charges. The irony is that Gosnell’s “Baby Charnel House” was discovered by accident. Authorities raid Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society” looking for evidence that Gosnell was trafficking in drug prescriptions. (The Grand Jury described Gosnell’s clinic as a “pill mill” for drug addicts by day, and an “abortion mill” by night.)

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