IPPF Threatens Nigerian Ambassador at UN Conference

By Jeanne Head, RN,  Vice President for International Affairs and UN Representative for National Right to Life
International Planned Parenthood (IPPF) sent a letter late yesterday to Nigerian Ambassador Joy Ogwu pressuring her to change her delegate’s pro-life stance. Ambassador Ogwu is the voice for the African Group at the 46th session of the Commission on Population and Development which is being held this week. The letter was copied to Nigerian Non-governmental Organizations urging their endorsement of the letter.
The letter appears to be a veiled threat that IPPF will use its considerable  influence to cause the ambassador to lose her position as the First Chair of  UN Women if her delegate does not back down on “sexual and reproductive health and rights.”
The letter sounds so nice but hidden behind the provision calling for “sexual and reproductive health and rights” and other terms is an agenda to promote the legalization abortion on demand and at the same time denying parental rights.
The term “sexual and reproductive health and rights” and other deceptive and controversial terms such as “reproductive health services” in the document, have never been defined to include a right to abortion in any UN negotiated document. However, they are being used as code phrases by UN Agencies and many pro-abortion n Non-governmental Organizations to promote abortion in pro-life countries by convincing them that they do.
The letter cites the Nigerian maternal mortality statistics, again perpetrating the false notion that legalizing abortion will save women’s lives. (See http://nrlc.cc/12Nq9DP.)
The Commission on Population and Development controversial paragraphs will all be decided during negotiations today.
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