Pro-Life Perspective: Standing Up for Women, Part 1

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plp-logo-2012-webheadThis is the time of year when state legislatures are furiously working to pass laws on all kinds of subjects.  Many of them are considering laws that will protect pregnant women and their unborn children.  In most of the states, opponents of pro-life legislation will again trot out the tired, worn-out lingo about how pro-lifers don’t care about the woman making a difficult decision.  Don’t be discouraged or intimidated by that false rhetoric.  Remind yourself that we are the real champions for women, not those who only offer a dead baby as the solution to a problem.

Abortion is the least regulated invasive procedure in the country. Many states do not require that women be fully informed about the abortion procedure, its potential risks, or alternatives — something required for every other surgical procedure performed in the United States.  A woman seeking an abortion is about to make an irreversible life-or-death decision. She should be given all medically relevant information before the abortion is performed, giving her time to think about that information.

Abortion advocates want to rush the pregnant woman into the abortion facility and rush her through the abortion procedure because they’re afraid that if she gets accurate information, and has time to think about it, she’ll change her mind.  How is that “pro-woman”?

Abortion advocates, who supposedly care about women, fight legislation requiring abortion facilities to meet the most basic health and safety standards of medical clinics, such as requiring hallways be wide enough to get a gurney through, in case they have to call an ambulance, or requiring that oxygen be available.  Why do they fight health and safety standards?  How is that “pro-woman”?

Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in America.  When PPFA released its 2011-2012 annual report, it revealed that Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions in 2011–more than 25% of the estimated annual total of abortions in the United States.  That is one every 94 seconds.  But Planned Parenthood is not content to just have women walk through their doors.

Some Planned Parenthood facilities are now offering so-called “webcam” abortions.  Rather than meeting the abortionist in person, a pregnant woman sits in a Planned Parenthood office in one city and converses with him long-distance via videoconferencing.  The abortionist can push a button on his computer that opens a drawer in the room where the woman is seated.  Inside that drawer is the RU486 chemical cocktail that will kill her unborn child.

This is a dangerous abortion method– women have died and thousands more have suffered complications, including severe hemorrhaging.  Prescribing this to a woman who is perhaps hundreds of miles away, not being there to help if there are complications, is not pro-woman.

Thanks to President Obama, the United States is again funding the United Nations Population Fund.  This fund supports China’s population-control program, which includes forced abortion.  Stories abound of pregnant women in China who are dragged out of their homes, taken to “family-planning” centers against their wishes, and have an abortion forced on them.  The abortion can be so violent that the women die along with their, sometimes, full term babies. (See, most recently,

It is estimated that there are 37 million more males than females in China.  200,000 children a year, usually from poor families, are seized or sold as child brides.  Girls from surrounding countries are kidnapped or lured under false pretenses and forced to work in brothels.   Where are the so-called “pro-woman” abortion advocates and why aren’t they speaking out against what’s happening to women in China?

In a remarkable dichotomy, pro-abortionists are virtually silent about the continued gendercide in China. Nowhere is there any discussion of the rights of the millions of baby girls who have been aborted because of their gender…except in the pro-life movement.

Join us again tomorrow as we continue our discussion into the reasons behind this pro-abortion silence.

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