Pro-abortionists explain away abortionist Gosnell, accused of eight counts of murder

By Dave Andrusko

Kate Michelman

Kate Michelman, former head of NARAL

As we approached the trial of Kermit Gosnell, NRL News Today not only offered loads of background explaining why the West Philadelphia abortionist would be on trial on eight counts of murder, we also talked about how (hard as it would be to believe) that the Abortion Establishment would somehow turn a man accused by prosecutors of slitting the necks of viable unborn babies aborted alive into a kind of martyr. Or, put a different way, that Kermit Gosnell exists and did what he allegedly did not because he cared only for money and was indifferent to the health of women but because—you guessed it—of pro-lifers.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reached back to the distant past to run an opinion piece this morning co-authored by Kate Michelman “president emeritus” of NARAL Pro-Choice America. This is the same Kate Michelman, by the way, who in a 1994 interview with a reporter from this same Philadelphia Inquirer, said, “We think abortion is a bad thing.” Of course, Michelman later denied making the statement. Problem for her was that the reporter had tape recorded the interview.

I’m not going to rebut “Why women chose Gosnell”  point by point. Like all pro-abortion propaganda, it simply says things that are not even marginally true but take forever to explain why they are transparently false. Here are just a couple of some of her nonsensical statements.

“It’s important that the women of Pennsylvania know that abortion is a legal, safe medical procedure. As set forth in the Gosnell indictment, legitimate providers like Planned Parenthood and members of the National Abortion Federation follow standard medical procedures and the law.”

Guess what? Gosnell tried to join the National Abortion Federation club. NAF sent somebody by. Here’s what the ultra-thorough Grand Jury report found

“Based on her observations, the evaluator [from NAF] determined that there were far too many deficiencies at the clinic and in how it operated to even consider admitting Gosnell to NAF membership. On January, 2010, she wrote to Gosnell informing him of NAF’s decision and outlining the areas in which his clinic was not in compliance. The evaluator told the Grand Jury that this was the first time in her experience that NAF had outright rejected a provider for membership. Usually, if a clinic is able to fix deficiencies and come into compliance with the standards, NAF will admit them. Gosnell’s clinic, however, was deemed beyond redemption.”

Check out the very next paragraph from the Grand Jury report:

“We understand that NAF’s goal is to assist clinics to comply with its standards, not to sanction them for deficiencies. Nevertheless, we have to question why an evaluator from NAF, whose stated mission is to ensure safe, legal, and acceptable abortion care, and to promote health and justice for women, did not report Gosnell to authorities. …”

One other (of many) silly statement by Michelman and Carol E. Tracy, executive director of the Women’s Law Project and a cochair of WomenVote PA. According to them, women chose Gosnell because of a “scarcity of [abortion] providers in Pennsylvania” and a “right-wing culture that has stigmatized abortion.”

Understand that “stigmatiz[ing] abortion” means, among other items, not using federal tax dollars to subsidize abortions and making ANY reasonable requirements of abortion clinics. The “right-wing culture” in Pennsylvania was so weak that Gosnell’s Women Medical Society wasn’t checked for years.

The only—repeat ONLY—reason Gosnell is on trial is that state and federal authorities raided his clinic because they believe Gosnell was running a “pill mill” in which he  illegally dispensed pills, particularly OxyContin prescriptions. (He will be tried separately on that in the fall.) That’s when they found what District Attorney Seth Williams called Gosnell’s “House of Horrors.”

You “stigmatize” abortion, Michelman and Tracy write, and it’s YOUR fault that women turn to Gosnell.

The saddest part—beyond the abhorrent deaths of thousands and thousands of babies aborted by Gosnell, the woman who died at his abortion clinic, and the hundreds of babies the Grand Jury believes Gosnell killed by slitting their spinal cords after aborting them alive—is that Michelman and Tracy actually believe what they write.