College students celebrate a birthday with cake, ice cream, and “abortion wars”

By Cassy Fiano

More and more young Americans are finding themselves drawn to the pro-life cause. But that doesn’t mean that the culture of death doesn’t still have a firm grip on the rest. Nowhere is this more evident than in New York City, where the abortion rate is almost double that of the rest of the country. A disturbing video has surfaced, showing just how chilling the culture of death can be.

A group of students from Hunter College filmed a birthday party, which they described as a surprise party with balloons and cake. The party also consisted of a game called “abortion wars,” where students stuff balloons underneath their shirts and see who can stab the balloon with a fork first, while other students laugh and shout, “Kill that baby!”


The original YouTube video has been removed but WPIX has a video clip of the event which is embedded below. []

Because abortion and killing babies is just hilarious entertainment, isn’t it? And what does it say about the mindset of these students – and the values they’re being raised with – that this is funny to them? We’re constantly told that pro-aborts don’t view abortion cavalierly. It’s a serious decision that no woman wants to have to make, but sometimes they have to make this heart-wrenching choice to kill their babies.

Yet meanwhile, college students are stabbing balloons under their shirts pretending that they’re stabbing pregnant bellies, shouting “kill that baby,” and laughing.

Editor’s note. This first appeared at  and is reprinted with permission.