National Teens for Life Convention Coming to the “Big D!”

By Jonathan Rogers
Field Coordinator, National Right to Life

2012teenconventionreEvery veteran pro-lifer knows that one of our Movement’s greatest assets is  the next generation. Millions of teenagers who have grown up seeing ultrasound pictures on the family refrigerator of their siblings or cousins are more likely to understand that the unborn child is alive, growing, and just as human as they are.

Young Americans are increasingly more pro-life, and aware of what abortion has done to their generation. Obviously, anyone born after 1973 is a “survivor” of Roe v. Wade, but the legacy of legalized abortion, and the long-running efforts of the pro-life movement to raise awareness about that legacy, is helping to raise a new generation of Americans more pro-life than ever before.

Coming to Dallas in June and running alongside the three-day National Right to Life Convention will be the National Teens for Life Convention. Come to Texas and everything an enthusiastic young pro-lifer could want will be at their fingertips!

The Teens for Life Convention will have over a dozen workshops and sessions, as well as opportunities to participate in some of the adult general sessions. Teens who attend are sure to leave armed with the necessary knowledge and inspiration to go back to their family and friends and be a voice for Life. So, what will learn about?

How does abortion happen and why is it legal? Covered. How many abortions are there annually and cumulatively since Roe–and how does that hurt society? Addressed. Can a young pro-lifer DO something about abortion and help save lives now? Oh, yes, and here’s how.

It’s not just abortion. The next generation will need to participate in the defense of all the Right to Life issues. Euthanasia, Assisted-Suicide, Embryonic Stem Cells. These will be covered in depth and detail by veteran Right to Life leaders.

We are very excited to have inspirational speaker Melissa Ohden return to speak at the Teen Convention. Melissa, an abortion survivor, has been a big hit in years, and her powerful witness to life is not to be missed. (See her most recent essay for NRL News Today.)

To top it all off, the Teens for Life convention is fun! Teens will have a chance to interact with other young pro-lifers, make new friends, and enjoy themselves. And at the end of it all, there’s the Saturday night complete with a pizza banquet and dance.

A final thought. For the rest of the pro-life movement, it is our job to educate young people and get them involved. Not tomorrow, not “after college,” but right now. One of the best opportunities for helping raise up the next generation of Right to Life leaders, is the National Teens for Life Convention.

Registration is only $50, which gets you everything outlined above. In return, teens will get informed and invigorated, and the pro-life movement will get new voices to tell a hurting society, that we offer hope, and Life.

For more information, please visit the convention website at and check out the Teens section. More information on the schedule and titles of workshops coming soon!