“My generation is taking up the pro-life mantle”

Editor’s note. Our friends from Nebraska Right to Life sent this along, believing it was worth sharing with our NRL News Today audience. I enthusiastically agree. This speech was delivered at the state Capitol at the Nebraska Walk for Life.

Bridget Lang

Bridget Lang

Hi pro-life Nebraskans! My name is Bridget Lang. I’m a Junior at Pius X High School in Lincoln. My Grandma, Shirley Lang, was one of the founders of Lincoln Right to Life 40 years ago and in fact, she use to MC this Walk for years. (Say “Hi” to Grandma or hug Grandma if she’s up there with you). 

Grandma and those of YOU who have been in this Movement for many years knew what you had to do in 1973 and you did it. You came together to stand against the atrocity of our U.S. Supreme Court deciding it was okay to kill innocent babies in the womb.  What you started in response to Roe v. Wade is not fading away, it’s only getting stronger.

My generation is taking up the pro-life mantle. Next week, I and hundreds of other Nebraska high school and college students, are riding buses for 20 hours to march on Washington DC in the National March for Life !  We will be joining hundreds of thousands of other pro-lifers there, many of them— young people.

As Time Magazine’s cover story noted last week, people under the age of 30 are more pro-life than ever while our adversaries on the other side have no replacements in sight.  I am here to say that we will carry on what you started and you can count on the young people of America to not rest until innocent and vulnerable human life is once again protected and cherished in our country. 

Thank you for all you have done for 40 years, for 20 years, for 10 years and know that your commitment to the sanctity of life has inspired a whole new generation to fight on!”

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