Texas elections create state Pro-Life majority

By Rachel Bohannon

Editor’s note. This encouraging update was distributed by Texas Right to Life, National Right to Life’s state affiliate

Although the presidential election did not end as we had hoped, the results of our statewide elections proved that Texans are undeniably Pro-Life.

Texans are now represented by 99 Pro-Life legislators in the Texas State House, and more than 21 Pro-Life legislators in the Texas State Senate.  This puts Pro-Lifers in the majority in both chambers.

Reflecting on the victories, Texas Right to Life’s Legislative Director, John Seago, said, “Texans will always vote their values, and Texans are unequivocally Pro-Life . . . [yet] with a federal administration set on keeping Planned Parenthood funded with taxpayer dollars, more than 75,000 abortions in Texas annually, and women being abused by the abortion business, there is much work to be done.”

Our next Texas legislative session is only 61 days away.  We are ready to work with our Pro-Life elected officials to protect innocent human life.