Pay it Forward

By Dave Andrusko

Over the course of nine days we’ve discussed what happened November 6 and why. Among the promises National Right to Life made (to quote our President, Carol Tobias) was that “NRLC will be seeking to expand our programs, but I assure you, we will also continue to work on the basics.” We will talk about that in greater detail in the months to come.

Right here I want to ask a huge favor, a kind of “pay it forward.”

The number of people receiving NRL News Today is growing, but not nearly at the pace we need for it to reach its full potential. Here’s how you can help—and it will take only a couple of minutes.

#1. Say you read a story in NRL News Today that you find helpful (hopefully, many/most of them). At the bottom of each stories is a flock on social media links, including Twitter and Facebook. Assuming you have one or both (and if you don’t, be sure to pay special attention to Luis’s story), you just click on one/both and a link to that story is posted. In other words all your social network friends will see a link to and be able to access NRL News Today.

#2. More directly, post a quick note on Facebook or Twitter (for starters) encouraging your friends to sign up to have NRL News Today sent to their inboxes every Monday through Saturday. That URL to sign up is found at

#3. Anytime someone posts a link to an NRL News Today story, pass it on using your social networks.

In 2008 pro-abortion Barack Obama demonstrated the power of social media. He did again in 2012, but so, too, did pro-life Mitt Romney who had a great social media presence as well.

Are we going to allow the enemies of life, who already have virtually unlimited money, to better utilize a resource that is free and which can spread the message of life in a heartbeat?

If this call for help is resonating, let me know that you have decided to help out. My email is