Historic Pro-Life Super Majorities Maintained in Tennessee House, Senate and Congressional Delegation

Right to Life Commits to Growing Outreach Within State’s Urban Communities

Despite deep disappointment in the re-election of pro-abortion President Obama, pro-life Tennesseans have much for which to be grateful in state election returns. The pro-life majority increased in the 33 member state Senate to include 25 pro-life senators and 4 mixed-record senators who lean pro-life. Just 4 pro-abortion legislators remain in the Tennessee state Senate and each represents an urban district in Memphis or Nashville.

In the 99 member state House, Right to Life expects 71 pro-life legislators with another 4 mixed-record representatives who lean pro-life. The number of actively pro-abortion legislators decreased by 3 bringing their likely number to 24. All but three of these pro-abortion House members represent an urban district in Memphis or Nashville.

“Tennessee Right to Life thanks the pro-life voters across Tennessee who cast their votes on Tuesday in support of protecting the unborn,” said Brian Harris, president of the state’s oldest and largest pro-life organization. “We are grateful and excited to see increased pro-life majorities in both the state Senate and state House and look forward to new opportunities for extending protection to the weakest and most vulnerable among us,” said Harris.

Toward that goal, Tennessee Right to Life is committed to expanding its outreach within urban areas of Tennessee in order to save the most lives possible. “Respect for human life is a fundamental value that crosses every social and demographic divide. It’s up to pro-life citizens to communicate our message best so that it’s understood and affirmed by all Tennesseans,” said Harris.