What’s airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Abortion’s Physical Complications”

By Dave Andrusko

NRLC President Carol Tobias

Over the last two days National Right to Life News Today has run stories demonstrating that, contrary to the myth perpetrated by pro-abortionists, abortion is not safer than childbirth. The opposite is true!

Last weekwe reported on a new study finding that repeat abortions can raise the risk of life-threatening problems for future pregnancies. The truth, long hidden, isbreaking through: abortion not only takes the lives of unborn babies, itinjures women and increases risks to babies women will want to carry in the future.

On Friday’sedition of Pro-Life Perspectives, National Right to Life President and PLP HostCarol Tobias picks up on her discussion of abortion’s physical complications.The list is as lengthy as it is scary. (You can read a very helpful factsheet from National Right to Life’s Education Department at www.nrlc.org/Factsheets/AbtnHurtsFS.pdf.)

You will wantto listen to Mrs. Tobias at www.prolifeperspective.com, so we’ll mention just a few of the many important dangers she exposes.

Abortion hurts! “In one study done in Montreal, ninety-seven percentof the women reported having pain. Sixty-one percent reported pain that was moderate to severe.” The painis worse for adolescent girls.

And pain can signal something else as well–“An infection, cervical damage, uterine damage or an ectopic pregnancy that wasnot diagnosed.  These issues can allaffect a woman’s immediate and future health and her ability to have children later.” Indeed women who have abortions face nearly a doubled risk of future sterility.

The list of complications is daunting, a fact that abortion clinics are not eager to share with women. “Common sideeffects of abortion include: infection, sepsis, endometriosis, cervicallacerations, uterine, bladder, or bowel perforations from the instruments thatare used during the abortion.  Also awoman may get pelvic inflammatory disease afterward.  A woman may also have to deal with anincomplete abortion or an abortion where tissue from the baby is retained inher uterus which can cause a severe infection.”

There is much more to hear at www.prolifeperspective.com. For many women, the after effects of abortion are like a ticking time bomb.   If you have questions or comments for Mrs.Tobias, write carol@prolifeperspective.com

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