The Democratic National Convention—Part Three: What happens when a pro-abortionist’s bluff is called

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Life Newt Gingrich denouncing one-sided coverage.

As we discussed in Parts One and Two, pro-abortion President Obama is attempting to thread the needle: embrace abortion with a zealous passion that only Planned Parenthood and NARAL could love but pretend it is pro-life Republicans Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan who are the real “zealots.” How? Three routes are available and the President is using them all.

1.Demonize Romney/Ryan, hoping that the caricature will simultaneously gin up support amoung his enthusiasm-depleted base and convince Independents that he is the moderate, if for no reason than by comparison. Thus the same President who is arguing that his Republican opposition is distorting his record will falsely impute positions to Romney with a breathtaking audacity (see

2. Weave federally funded abortion/support for Roe v. Wade/resistance to any limitation on abortion at any stage for any reason into the larger (and tiresome) larger narrative of a supposed Republican “war on women.” The goal is both to obscure that when NARAL says “jump” Obama says “how high?” (not that he needs any convincing) and to keep the electorate’s eye off Obama’s record going back to when he was an Illinois state Senator.

3. Rely on the mainstream media to focus on positions falsely attributed to Romney while selectively deleting references to real positions taken by President Obama and the Democratic Party. This imbalance was on full display last Sunday on “Meet the Press.” The difference was that former House Speaker and GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich refused to be cowed into submission either by the misdirection of host David Gregory or the inanities of New York Times columnist Paul Friedman.

Gingrich talked about being “frankly fed up with one-sided bias.” His second example was

“the Democratic Party plank on abortion is the most extreme plank in the United States.  The president of United States voted three times to protect the right of doctors to kill babies who came out of abortion still alive.  That plank says tax-paid abortion at any moment of– of, meaning, partial birth abortion, that’s a 20 percent issue.  The vast majority of women do not believe the taxpayers should pay to abort a child in the eighth or ninth month.  Now why isn’t it shocking that the Democrats on the social issue of abortion have taken the most extreme position in this country and they couldn’t defend their position for a day if it was made clear and a vivid– as vivid as all the effort is made to paint Republicans?”

Friedman talked about being a “Planned Parenthood Democrat” on abortion.  “And I think that that is where the country should be.  That is where many, many women in this country are.  And I’m glad there are people running for the presidency who will defend that position.  Period.  Paragraph.  End it.”

Gregory tried to get Gingrich off track and he refused to be budged

“let me go back to Tom’s point, because I’m– so– so you think it’s acceptable to have a party committed to tax-paid abortion in the eighth and ninth month?  And you think that’s a sustainable position in the United States.  If the news media spent as much time on the extremism of the Democrats as they spend trying to attack us, you would– they would not be able to adopt that plank this week.”

Thoroughly on the defensive, Friedman shifted gears, even as he refused to back down: “Yeah, I– I do believe that’s a defensible position but I also believe I’m– I’m here as a journalist, I’ll let the Democratic Party defend it.”

As you listen to the Democrats talk about “trusting women” and support for “reproductive health,” remember they are distorting the position of the Republican Party’s nominee for President and desperately trying to hide their full-throated, pedal to the medal advocacy of abortion on demand for any reason or no reason.

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