Democratic National Convention “over the top” in its abortion advocacy

By Dave Andrusko

The best way to understand the results of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions is to remember to let the dust settle. We will have a much better understanding how the public responded by the middle of next week.

From a pro-life perspective, nothing that came out of either convention shocked us. The sole difference about the Democratic Party’s ongoing love affair with abortion is that it was much, much more public, more visible than ever before. That can only redound to the advantage of those who defend unborn babies.

But if the party’s full-throated and incessant encomiums to abortion were old news to us, it unnerved some of those who are sympathetic but understand that the convention was over the top. (My guess many of those who watched the three-day public celebration of abortion were stunned.)

A good example was the exchange yesterday on ABC’s “This Week” (see video at


Corey Booker, the pro-abortion Democratic Mayor from New Jersey, tried the usual Republicans are from Mars (extremists), Democrats are from Venus (moderate to a fault) spiel. Fellow panelist Cokie Roberts, to her credit, spoke up. She rejoined

“Except you took out, on the issue of abortion, you took out language from previous platforms that said it should be safe, legal and rare. And I think this Democratic Convention was really over the top in terms of abortion. Every single speaker talked about abortion. And you know at some point you start to alienate people. 30 percent of Democrats are pro-Life. And this becomes…”

Obviously, not every single speaker talked about abortion; Booker said that he hadn’t, for example. But as NRL News Today reported many times last week, speaker after speaker DID advocate on behalf of “reproductive rights”  or a “woman’s right to control their own bodies.”

Some speeches were sprinkled with abortion advocacy—the President’s and Vice President’s, for example—others were drenched–such as Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, NARAL’s Nancy Keenan, and Caroline Kennedy-Strasburg, the daughter of President John Kennedy, to name just of three.

Thus, Booker notwithstanding, Roberts’ criticism was right on the money. The “crumb” (as one pro-abortion columnist described it) in the party platform had been that in addition to being safe and legal abortion should be “rare.” That’s gone! Moreover at least some who reported on the convention grasped that Democrats really do believe in the public paying for abortions up to birth!

One other point from yesterday’s “This Week.” Booker then responded, “We had leaders of the Catholic Church, leaders in the Catholic faith, in our convention.” By this Booker was trying to co-opt the prestige of the highest ranking leader in the Catholic Church—Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who went unnamed—who delivered the closing benediction.

But if you read Cardinal Dolan’s prayer, you know that he used this teachable moment to gently but firmly remind those in attendance of pro-life principles that were conspicuous by their absence in Charlotte, North Carolina last week (see Pro-abortionists in the blogosphere understood that perfectly which is why they attacked Cardinal Dolan mercilessly.

Pro-abortion President Obama is running an election based on transforming his enthusiasm-challenged base—which is why the nation heard about abortion over and over and over again.

That may crank up those who believe in unfettered abortion for any reason or no reason until birth. But this was a stark reminder that Obama and his party are wildly at odds with where the American people are on abortion.

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