Unborn Child Miraculously Survives murders in Colorado

By Dave Andrusko

Ashley Moser, the mother of Veronica-Moser Sullivan, the youngest victim of the shooting spree. Moser’s unborn child miraculously surived a bullet in Ms. Moser’s stomach.

The slaughter at the Century cinema in Aurora, Colorado which took 12 lives and wounded more than 50 people was so overpoweringly ugly, so senseless that I chose to avoid all but the most fleeting headlines. Perhaps the other reason I avoided reading about the massacre was that although separated by 1,600 miles from the horror, my own daughter and her boyfriend had also attended a midnight showing of “Dark Knight Rises.”

But in the midst of the ugliness and insanity were moments of tremendous courage and nothing short of a miracle. That miracle itself came wrapped in another tragedy and bundled with a near-tragedy.

Ashley Moser, 25, is the mother of the youngest victim of the shooting spree—six-year-old Veronica-Moser Sullivan. However, Ms. Mosher is also pregnant–and, miraculously her unborn baby is still alive, even though Ms. Moser was shot multiple times, including once in the stomach.  And while still in intensive care and drifting in and out of consciousness, Ms. Mosher is expected to live following life-saving surgery.

Over the weekend her brother Robert told reporters, “I don’t know how, but she still has the baby. Yesterday I was told she had lost it and today it’s OK. It’s a miracle.”

Her tearful grandmother, Jean, told the Mirror newspaper, “The first thing Ashley asked when she came round was, ‘Where’s my baby girl?’ That’s when they had to break it to her.” She added that Ashley “took it very badly. Veronica was a delightful, lively little girl. She was a lovely child, very engaging. It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy.”

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