Reason # 16 to Defeat Barack Obama: Religious Liberty





Reason # 16 to Defeat Barack Obama:  Religious Liberty

Today Barack Obama’s State Department released its annual report on religious freedom around the world.  The release was followed by a speech on religious liberty by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Carnegie Endowment.

In a summary presentation of the report, the State Department’s Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom said “each of us has the responsibility to help advance religious freedom where it’s most vulnerable.”

Well, how about in the United States?

While the Obama Administration advocates for religious liberty around the world, a very laudable aim, it is attacking such freedom here at home.

For example, last year the Administration decided not to renew a grant to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to help victims of human trafficking (slavery), in large part because the USCCB refuses to facilitate abortions for such victims.

USCCB Director of Media Relations Sister Mary Ann Walsh complained in a blog:  “The program worked well on the ground, but not so well for [government] administrators promoting . . . abortion.” She called interference in the grant-making process “the ABC Rule, Anybody But Catholics.”

The Obama Administration is facing multiple lawsuits over another religious freedom issue:  its mandate under Obamacare that forces health insurance plans offered by faith-based organizations to cover items many oppose on moral grounds.

This controversy comes as a particular threat to pro-lifers, because the rationale Obama used to require such coverage could be used to require coverage for surgical abortions in the future.

Religious liberties enshrined in our Constitution cannot be ignored merely because a pro-life issue is involved.  Anyone who would ignore our First Amendment freedoms doesn’t deserve to be the elected leader of a free people.

Your help is needed to defeat Barack Obama and ensure the right of pro-lifers and others to practice their faith without discrimination.  You can help by making a generous donation today to the National Right to Life Victory Fund.  You can also help by sharing these concerns by forwarding this e-mail to a friend.

Thank you for helping make America a better place, and a safer one for unborn babies!


Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life


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